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PENVIR - More effective & convenient way to treat Herpes Infections

It’s time to forget conventional and adopt convenience in Ophthalmic Zoster, Bell’s Palsy, Genital Herpes, Chicken pox, Herpes Zoster with Famciclovir in PENVIR 250/500. PENVIR is superior and convenient therapy to Aciclovir. Famciclovir in PENVIR 250/500 tablets has documented efficacy with desired TID convenience compared to Aciclovir. PENVIR offers superior bioavailability 77 %, surpasses intracellular half-life up to 20 hr. Superb efficacy in pain i.e. 46 % reduction in pain related to PHN and simple dosage convenience. PENVIR is the answer to Herpes Infections with the added benefit of Convenience.