Yes, the patch is medically certified.

Just peel-n-patch!! Press the patch firmly in place for at least 30 seconds using the palm of the hand.

It is compatible with all skin types, but hypersensitive patients can experience rashes at the site of the application.

Usually, it does not cause rashes, skin allergies and irritation but hypersensitive patients or those who have skin allergies may experience some rashes at the site of application.

K-Plast can be used by patients above 18 years of age.

Patch once applied cannot be re-used post 24 hours application.

Usually, there are no complications after using the patch.

One patch is to be applied for 24 hours [note that duration of patch usage depends on pain].

Once the patch is applied, it is effective for 24 hours post application.

Patch should not be applied on cuts and burns (directly). It should be applied after consultation with a physician.

No, the patch does not leave any stain on the body or clothes (the backing layer and film in the patch ensure the person using it remains stain-free)

K-Plast patch contains NSAIDs which relieve pain and inflammation.

Yes, the patch is waterproof.

The patch can be used to relieve arthritis pain as well as random pain.

Yes, it is easy to remove the patch.

The pain usually subsides after the patch application.

Patches once opened need to be ziplocked and stored under 25OC to maintain its potency and efficacy.

No, patch doesn’t have any specific odour.

K-Plast is Made in India, for Indians, per Indian skin and climatic conditions and offers 24hrs relief.

The patch once applied to the skin works by steady medication infusion over an extended length of time at the affected area.

Yes, it is affordable.

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