Vaginal Protection

What should you NOT do for a Healthy Vagina

Don’t douche

It eliminates some of the healthy bacteria due to which your pH can increase thus making you more susceptible to infections. Your vagina is capable of balancing bacteria and the pH level. Washing your genital area with plain water every day and patting it dry gently is enough.

Don’t use a loofah to wash down there

A loofah can cause small lacerations/tears to the delicate genital skin thereby inviting a possible infection.

Don’t wash the inside of your vagina

The vaginal canal is a self-cleaning organ. Using soaps to wash the inside can lead to a pH imbalance which can cause an infection later.

Don’t use lubricants with harmful ingredients

Ensure your lubricants are free of parabens, glycerin, dyes, petroleum.

Don’t have unprotected sex

If it’s condoms you use for protection, use the non-spermicidal ones. Spermicides can destroy the healthy bacteria inside your vagina. Get a regular examination done by your gynaecologist for any sexually transmitted infections.

Don’t wear tight undergarments

Wear breathable clothing. Cotton underwear is great!