C-FURO Stands for Trust Backed with Quality, Efficacy & Affordability
KRIS Division
30. Sep. 2016

C-FURO stands for Trust backed with Quality, Efficacy & Affordability

C-FURO is a class apart since it contains pure amorphous Cefuroxime which ensures high bioavailability, efficacy & less GI side effects compared to similar Brands in its class. C-FURO thus ensures high clinical certainty. What's more C-FURO has completed 7 glorious years in successfully treating RTIs, UTIs and SSTIs. C-FURO is available as Tablets, Injection and Dry Syrup. C-FURO Dry Syrup offers delicious & shorter therapy in treating RTIs and SSTIs. C-FURO Dry Syrup is the most delicious Cefuroxime syrup. Cefuroxime in C-FURO Dry Syrup has a unique Masking agent which makes Cefuroxime tastier & is most delicious Cefuroxime. To tackle the menace of resistance, C-FURO CV combination of Cefuroxime with Clavulanic acid is available as Tablets and Dry Syrup. It promises to improve antimicrobial activity of Cefuroxime against beta-lactamase and enhances sensitivity against pathogens. Time to tackle ESBL resistance effectively with most affordable Cefuro-Clav combination; C-FURO CV. The combination of Cefuroxime with Sulbactam in C-FURO SB 750/1.5 Injections decreases the MIC of Cefuroxime up to 128 fold and is superior alternative to Amoxiclav with 100 % efficacy compared to only 88 % with Amoxiclav. In addition, C-FURO group a complete range that assures affordability as it is pocket friendly.

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