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Hetero Healthcare R & D Centre had developed across a vast area. A striking feature of Hetero Healthcare is the well-planned and comprehensive infrastructure provided.

Research & Development

One of the world leaders in developing and manufacturing a wide range of brands/non-brands generics including Oncology and ARV drugs


Launched first generic 'COVIFOR' (Remdesivir) in India for the treatment of COVID-19 (licensing agreement with Gilead Sciences Inc.)
Basic manufacturer of Oseltamivir (sub-licensing agreement with Hoffman-La Rosche, Switzerland).
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Innovation Drives Progress

When it comes to innovation in the development of new drugs and therapeutic biological products. our company is completely focused structuring the Molecule need of the industry Innovation Strategy.

Hetero Healthcare - Innovative Pharmaceutical Company

We aim to improve the quality life of the people with our product line and along with a continuous Research and Development process. To be Recognized as an Innovative Pharmaceutical Company satisfying needs of the Customers, Doctors and Chemists.

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03. Aug. 2023
Busting Myths about condoms and Elevating the Art of Intimate Pleasura Safely

Sexual health is integral to overall well-being, yet misinformation often hinders individuals from making informed, safe decisions—particularly about condom use.

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World Population Day: Addressing the Conception Methods with DaSutra
11. Jul. 2023
Where Earth's Safety Meets Bedroom Bliss!

On this World Population Day, let's celebrate the marvels of modern contraception with DaSutra, the trendsetter in the world of condoms!

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How Does Stress Impact your Chances of Getting Pregnant?
08. Jun. 2023
How Does Stress Impact your Chances of Getting Pregnant?

Navigating the pathway to motherhood can be a journey filled with mixed emotions - joy, anticipation, and often, anxiety.

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04. Aug. 2023
Raising the Trophy: Celebrating Our Oskar Awards Sales Champions!

We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the remarkable winners of this year's Oskar Awards in Sales Achievement! Your dedication, determination, and unwavering commitment have not only set new benchmarks.

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Doctor's Day Celebration - 2023 - ASRA Division
15. Jul. 2023
ASRA Division Expresses Heartfelt Appreciation to Rheumatologists on Doctor's Day

The ASRA Division of Hetero Healthcare celebrated Doctor's Day with great enthusiasm and gratitude towards the incredible rheumatologists nationwide.

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AIG IBD Summit 2023
07. Apr. 2023
AIG IBD Summit 2023

AIG IBD Summit 2023 is an international event organized by the AIG Hospitals. This year the Summit was held between 7th to 9th April at HICC, Hyderabad.

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KAFIS - KRIS Awards for International Stars in Malaysia
09. Jul. 2023
A Journey of Excellence: Celebrating the KRIS Team's Success with the KAFIS Tour to Malaysia

Congratulations, esteemed members of our exceptional KRIS Team!

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17. Mar. 2023
Budget Meet In Kashmir 2022-23

The beautiful region of Kashmir is known for its stunning landscapes, unique culture, and warm hospitality. It's no wonder Kashmir has become a popular destination for tourists all over the world.

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27. Nov. 2022
Dermazon West & CUTICON 2022

Having maximum visibility of stall ensured more no. of Dermatologists visiting our stall.

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While the term "corporate social responsibility" is in wide use today, the concept behind it is not new to the Hetero Healthcare Team. Our responsibilities to those who use our products and services, to our employees, to the communities in which we live and work, support society in different Mode of Hand Shake. Our Organization helps the Societies who take care of the Orphans and help individuals pursue Higher Education based on their merit.