Over-the-Counter medicines are non-prescription medicines that improve and care for our health. They aid in skincare, serve as powerful immunity boosters, are alternative multivitamins, and treat various illnesses like cold, cough, and pains. Furthermore, these healthcare essentials provide diabetes and dengue treatment naturally. However, they are safe and effective only when used as written on the label or as directed by your medical professional.

Hetero Healthcare trusts in the fusion of conventional methods and cutting-edge technology, that is why we stand as the top-notch manufacturers of various OTC products with innovative healing approaches and improve the quality of life naturally.

Our immune system is like a tightrope walker up on a high fire that constantly balances our body system bearing all the internal and external challenges aroused by obvious reasons. Therefore, it is essential to keep our immunity levels boosted with the intake of potential immunity boosters as supplements to stay away from infections and diseases. Zinvita is a powerful natural immunity booster and a synergic combination of Vitamin C(Amla) and Zinc to improve immunity, strengthen the respiratory system, and relieve cold and cough.

The powerful duo combo medicine is an orally disintegrating medicine and identified as the best immunity booster possessing Amla supplements and Zinc supplements.

Moiste cream is an out-and-out skincare solution. You can use the moiste lotion without any skin concerns as it takes care of all skin types and can be used in every season. It is a non-comedogenic, non-greasy, easily observed moisturizer that hydrates, deep nourishes, and rejuvenates the charm in your skin.

The light-weighted moisturizer hydrates your skin without clogging the pores and provides healthy skin. Apart from healthifying your skin, Moiste cream deals with Acne, wounds, burns, cutaneous infections, skin damage due to sunburn, skin inflammation, eczema, and other skin-related infections.

Gift your skin with Moiste cream, let it pamper your skin regularly irrespective of any season to cater you a parlour-free, deeply nourished, healthy, glowing skin and body.

Multivitamins and minerals are the major performers in vital body functions like conversion of food into energy, repair cellular damage, brace up the bones, bolster the immune system, heal the wounds, optimize mineral utilization, regulate tissue, and improve cell growth. Nourish your body with VM 21, a health supplement that fills the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in your body to rejuvenate the lost energy, smooth run of the body system, recharge the strength of muscles and bones. The tablet prevents vitamins and minerals deficiency due to poor diet, certain illnesses. or pregnancy.

Vitamins and minerals are the essential blocks in the body for a healthy you. Fuel up your body with VM 21 to balance your body with sufficient vitamins and minerals to lead a quality life.

Trigotab is a derivative of an isolated extract of fenugreek that has Trigoneline as its active ingredient. It is a clinically proven product and an anti-hyperglycaemic agent that improves insulin secretions in the body and is suitable for all ages.

It is an amalgamation of old tradition and modern technology that caters benefits of fenugreek in a tablet form. It is considered safe to use the tablet as an adjuvant by diabetic patients but always recommended to seek medical professionals' advice before using it along with any medicine.

Trigotab is used as a supplement and used for the treatment of Diabetes, Bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, abscesses or wounds, digestive abnormalities, menstrual cramps, high cholesterol, and many more illnesses.

Reduce your pill burden and treat diabetes by sustainably controlling the glucose levels in the body with Trigotab.

Sparkel Facial Mask is a get-ready Mask On-the-Move made in India for Indian skin and favourable to the Indian environment.

This facial mask sheet is soaked in serum. It is used for skin lightening and is designed to hydrate, rejuvenate irritated, and dehydrate the skin. It gives a soothing effect to the skin and reduces skin burning sensation and irritation after laser treatment. The anti-aging face mask is a blend of traditional ingredients like Rose fragrance, aloevera extracts, glycerine and modern techniques (face mask). This combination has set out an outstanding skincare product.

It is paraben-free, does not have harsh chemicals and provides deep cleansing from tan, pollutants, avoids premature aging.

The facial mask is fast, easy to carry, convenient, affordable, compatible with all skin types irrespective of seasons, and packed hygienically.

The change in the seasons and the pandemic has bought ingress of many active viruses resulting in the high rise in cold, flu, and dengue cases and other respiratory infections. Dengue is seen in everybody from infants to adults, and a few cases seldom leading to death. It is a dreadful mosquito-borne disease leading to complications but has no specific treatment. However, Caritero is a natural therapy that is a combination of traditional and modern techniques.

It is a Carica Papaya Leaf extract that is widely used to treat dengue in many countries. Papaya leaves have enzymes like Chymopapin and Papain that harmonize the platelet count, improves the clotting factor, improves and repairs liver functions. Do not delay!

Identify the symptoms of dengue in your body and use Caritero to treat the symptoms as per the prescription of your doctor and avoid serious health complications.

Get beautiful, hydrated, healthy skin and body with Moiste lotion. Everybody's skin is not the same. Therefore, we have to pick the beauty products carefully that are compatible with our skin and body. Try Moiste lotion!

It is a lightweight moisturizer that provides instant, long-lasting hydration, treats excessive dryness, and nourishes your skin and body.

The moiste lotion is a non-comedogenic, non-greasy that quickly heals your dry skin that causes due to many reasons like dry weather, usage of soaps, detergents, or other reasons. It is best to deal with oily or acne-prone skin. It is paraben and preservative-free and made up of all-natural ingredients. The cream does not clog your pores, and it can be used as a day and night cream to find your skin fresh and amazing.

The lotion is compatible with oily, dry, sensitive, and thick skin types. Children also can use the cream.

Use the light-weighted regularly, lock the moisture, protect your skin from damage and own healthy, rejuvenated, shiny, and flawless skin.

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