"FLUVIR" belongs to Anti Virals therapy of HHCL Main Division and it is available in 3 forms : Fluvir 30mg Capsules, Fluvir 75Mg Capsules and Fluvir 75Ml Dry Syrup.

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Fluvir, from the house of the first Indian manufacturer of Oseltamivir, contains Oseltamivir Phosphate. Oseltamivir helps in treating Influenza in ESRD (End-Stage Renal Disease) patients. Early initiation of Oseltamivir reduces the occurrence and severity of pneumonia. Oseltamivir is effective against all strains of Influenza A and B (including the avian H5N1, swine-origin H1N1, and H9N2 strains). Fluvir 75ml Dry Syrup (Dry Suspension), a variant of our Fluvir product made and targeted towards the pediatric population(children). Other options of Fluvir, i.e., Fluvir 30mg and 75mg capsules targeted primarily towards adults and all age groups.