Hetero Launches X-TIV Women and X-TIV Syrup Health Supplements
KRIS Division
19. Sep. 2016

Hetero Launches X-TIV Women and X-TIV Syrup under Health Supplements

Following the introduction of X-TIV Cap, KRIS A division of Hetero healthcare Ltd has come up with a unique health supplement for Women Health. In addition, X-TIV Syrup is a health supplement for the entire family.X-TIV Cap is super 40 formula containing 12 Natural extracts (4 Gs and Omega-3 fatty acids),9 Vitamins, 18 Minerals and added advantage of 1 Probiotic - Lactic Acid Bacillus for active and healthy life. In weakness associated with Acute and Chronic illness like Oxidative Stress, Infections, Diabetes and Hypertension. X-TIV Capsule has an added advantage small capsule size, chocolate flavour and affordability.The USP of X-TIV Women is its Super 26 Formula comprising of 8 Natural extracts, 10 Vitamins, 6 Minerals and 2 Amino acids. Evening Primrose oil promises to improve Premenstrual syndrome and reduce inflammation related to acne. In addition LA & GLA helps to maintain healthy skin and flexible joints. Lycopene possesses antioxidant properties and neutralises harmful free radicals. L-Carnitine boosts energy and increases burning of fat. Vitamins and Minerals help in various physiological functions and strengthen immune. X-TIV Women is available as a strip of 10 small size capsules with Chocolate flavour. X-TIV Syrup is a Super supplement for extra active family with power of Power of 14 ingredients, 1 Amino Acid, 9 Vitamin as well as 4 Minerals. In weakness associated with Acute and Chronic Illness X-TIV Syrup is for extra Active Family. In X-TIV Syrup,L-Lysine improves appetite and helps reduce harmful fats. Zinc is essential for cellular growth and immunity. Minerals and Vitamins improve various physiological functions and metabolism of body. X-TIV Syrup is available as a family pack in a 200 ml bottle with Citric flavour. Hence, X-TIV brings to its customers a complete health supplement which is need of the hour.

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