Jagruk Beti by Frenza Division
Frenza Division
06. Dec. 2016


Jagruk Beti is an initiative to counsel and empower adolescent girls and their mothers through a Health Talk by a renowned qualified Gynaecologist. A Lady Gynaecologist will counsel Adolescent Girl students and their Mothers on Personal Hygiene, Hormonal Changes & relevant problems, Nutrition, Mother-Daughter Connect, Iron deficiency Background:India is the second most populous country in the world with total population of over 108 Crores with 22.5% adolescents, that is, about 23 Crores. WHO defines “adolescent” as the period of life spanning between 10-16 years. They are no longer children, but not yet adults. They are developing rapidly and having an extreme degree of pressure from peers, from parents, from society, and self. They lack knowledge and skill to cope up with pressure.  In spite of definite health problems they may have, it is observed that they do not have access to health services, especially adolescent girls. Absence of friendly staff, lack of family concern regarding their health and lack of privacy and confidentiality have been identified as important barriers in accessing health services by adolescents girls. “Jagruk Beti” aims to address these issues by spreading awareness to adolescent girls in a friendlier environment by an Expert – Gynaecologist.

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