Make India D3RICH: Walk-a-Thon by Frenza Division
Frenza Division
22. Dec. 2016


Hetero Healthcare has taken a pledge to Make India D3Rich with the support of Medical Professionals and organizes a Walk-a-thon under the banner MAKE INDIA D3RICH as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility. Hetero Healthcare embarks on a major public awareness campaign to elevate the common man’s understanding of how important Vitamin D really is and the incredible health benefits it can bring. Sun is the major source of Vitamin D. Sufficient Vitamin D Level is essential for overall Health and Wellness of every individual. But in urbanized lifestyle, little or no exposure to sunlight has resulted in Vitamin D Deficiency. Hence, the prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency/ Insufficiency in India is as high as 94%. It is also reported that 91.3% Medical professionals are Vitamin D Deficient. Hence, the participants of the Walk-a-thon are renowned Doctors across specialties that would be walking for the cause of Make India D3 Rich. Doctors being the torchbearers of the Walk-a-thon will definitely have an impact on enhancing the national economy by spreading the awareness of health benefits of Vitamin D3 among public and ensuring overall health and wellness of all citizens.

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