RABEZ - The Versatile PPI offers the complete range
KRIS Division
21. Sep. 2016

RABEZ the versatile PPI offers the complete range

Get relief with belief, in Acid-Peptic Disorders, RABEZ 20 tablets, is the fast and dual acting PPI. HETERO group has been the pioneer in bringing Rabeprazole to the Indian market. HETERO has been at the forefront in bringing quality and innovation together with RABEZ-L. RABEZ-L has an advantage of ADRS (Advanced Drug Release System) technology. ADRS technology in RABEZ-L Capsules has Levosulpiride pellets which have a core onto which Levosulpiride is loaded. The release of which is controlled by a semi-permeable membrane. The drug thus released is through a micro pore drug release System. ADRS system thus ensures 24 hour drug release. RABEZ contains Rabeprazole which offers 100 % inhibition of proton pump within 5 minutes and superior acid control for longer time than other PPIs. In GERD and Hyperacidity, RABEZ-D is a brand of Rabeprazole 20 mg and Domperidone 30 mg Sustained Release Capsule. RABEZ-D is a trusted combination. What's more, RABEZ range comes at an affordable price.

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