S Gel 10Gm Gel

S Gel 10Gm Gel


S-Gel is novel revolutionizing product with Silver nanoparticles at 0.002 % concentration. S-Gel (Silver nanoparticles) have unique properties with increased penetration, potent antimicrobial action. S-Gel (Silver nanoparticles) accelerates wound healing by reduction of local matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) activity and the increase in neutrophil apoptosis within the wound S-Gel (Silver nanoparticles) induces starless wound healing S-Gel (Silver nanoparticles) as low systemic toxicity S-Gel (Silver nanoparticles) ensures faster and scarless wound healing In cuts, burns, wounds, lacelerated wounds, surgical and accidental injuries, Diabetic foot infection, Pressure Ulcer and Venous ulcer.


Burn and Wounds Post Surgical Wounds apply the gel on the wound or affected area in sufficient quantity atleast every 24 hours or as directed by Physician.

* To be consumed as directed by physician.

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