Composition : Lactic Acid Vaginal Films 220 mg

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Silero- Lactic Acid Vaginal film is conceptualized and developed with one goal: to rapidly and naturally restore a healthy, stable balance in the vaginal pH.

The film ensures faster & accurate drug delivery, and longer adherence to the vaginal surface due to bio-adhesive polymers, and flexible film ensures patient comfort.

Experiencing dryness or itchiness in your vagina?

Are you addressing your vaginal problems appropriately?

Here is a surprising fact: Your vaginal microbiota determines the health of your vaginal area, and even minor fluctuations can be hazardous.

Silero - a lactic acid-based vaginal film, aids in maintaining balance and a healthy vagina.
Vidhita a digital platform, provides you with an exclusive forum to have conversations surrounding your vaginal health!

You should ideally use the film in the evening before going to bed while in a comfortable lying position. The high-quality lactic acid also creates the acid environment you need to restore the pH balance in your vaginal flora.

Lactic Acid for a healthy vagina

  1. Restores pH balance.
  2. Counteracts itching, burning, and unpleasant odour.
  3. Aids in the normalization of vaginal flora.
  4. Easy to carry, use and store
Silero -how to use the product


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