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Lactic Acid Vaginal Films 220 mg

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Lactic Acid for a healthy vagina

  1. Restores pH balance.
  2. Counteracts itching, burning, and unpleasant odour.
  3. Aids in the normalization of vaginal flora.
  4. Easy to carry, use and store
About :

Silero- Lactic Acid Vaginal film is conceptualized and developed with one goal: to rapidly and naturally restore a healthy, stable balance in the vaginal pH.

The film ensures faster & accurate drug delivery, and longer adherence to the vaginal surface due to bio-adhesive polymers, and flexible film ensures patient comfort.

You should ideally use the film in the evening before going to bed while in a comfortable lying position. The high-quality lactic acid also creates the acid environment you need to restore the pH balance in your vaginal flora.

Silero Marketing copy
Experiencing dryness or itchiness in your vagina? Are you addressing your vaginal problems appropriately?
Here is a surprising fact: Your vaginal microbiota determines the health of your vaginal area, and even minor fluctuations can be hazardous.
Silero - a lactic acid-based vaginal film, aids in maintaining balance and a healthy vagina.
Vidhita a digital platform, provides you with an exclusive forum to have conversations surrounding your vaginal health!


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