Feminora Gel

Composition : Conception sperm friendly vaginal gel

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Feminora Gel
Feminora Gel

About Feminora Gel

Feminora gel An unique sperm friendly gel
  • Feminora is a vaginal lubricant for vaginal dryness of reproductive age group.
  • Feminora is the ONLY sperm friendly gel that supports sperm motility and provides antioxidant support to the sperm·
  • It mimics the body’s fertile fluids by supplementing body’s own natural fluid that helps in relieving friction and enhances sexual activity & chances of conception·
  • It is superior in comparison to other lubricants as it does not damage the sperm and contains natural polysaccharides that protect the sperm from oxidative stress improving conception
  • Feminora is alsocondom compatible and clinically tested.
  • Feminora contains the following:-1. Arabinogalactan that matches the fertile fluids & does not harm the sperm as well as provides anti-oxidant support2. Hydroxyl ethyl cellulose – That acts as a gelling agent3. Acrylates copolymer & carbomer that acts as a mucoadhesive
  • For Vaginal dryness of reproductive age group : 1 tube daily for 1-3 months or as directed by physician
  • For couples trying to conceive: 1 tube daily intercourse during the fertilization window
When to Apply: To be applied in Vagina 1 hr before intercourse
Uses: For Vaginal dryness of reproductive age group For couples trying to conceive

How to Administer

    1. Twist the lower end of the tube so that it breaks
    2. Insert the whole of the neck of the tube into the vagina
    3. Squeeze out contents by pressing it 2-3 times
    4. Remove the tube still squeezing and discard
    5. It is best to use Pelitra before 1 hour of sexual intercourse
    6. It is common to notice excessive gel coming out of the vagina
    7. Wipe the excessive gel


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