"TOCIRA" belongs to COVID 19 Management therapy of COVID 19 Management and it is available in 1 form : Tocira 400Mg Injection.

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Tocira 400 mg (Tocilizumab) is indicated for restricted use under emergency situation in the country to treat adults with COVID 19 positive, hospitalized adults receiving systemic corticosteroids and require supplemental oxygen, non-invasive, or invasive mechanical ventilation.

Tocilizumab is a recombinant humanized anti-human interleukin 6 receptor monoclonal antibody of the immunoglobulin IgG1k subclass with a typical H2L2 polypeptide structure. Each vial contains 400 mg of Tocilizumab in 20 ml and the shelf life is 12 months.

The medicine is a sterile concentration solution for intravenous infusion. It is a clear to opalescent, colourless, or pale yellow solution given to patients at or above 30 kg weight and the recommended dosage for emergency use of Tocira is given as a single 60-minute intravenous injection.

Subcutaneous administration (a short needle is used to inject a drug into the tissue layer between the skin and the muscle and observed slowly by the body) is restricted for treating COVID 19 patients.

If the symptoms or signs worsen or do not recover after the first dose, one additional infusion of Tocira may be administered at least 8 hours after the initial infusion.

Note: Seek medical professional’s advice before you use the medicine to avoid any complications.
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